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Key Facts:

  • Pathologists and scientists in our network of laboratories have produced 1000+ publications & 300+ articles.


  • Through collaborations with various academic and government institutions, our laboratories have discovered and documented 15 novel tumor entities.

  • Our network laboratories are specialty pathology and molecular labs staffed by 70+ pathologists and 130+ laboratory technicians.

  • Our network includes an onsite teaching and conference center located in the Czech Republic, where we host seminar participants, pathologists, oncologists and other specialists, from Europe and the United States.

  • Our US based leadership, science team, project management team, and advisers have spent their careers in pharmaceuticals, medical affairs, research laboratory services, digital image analysis and most recently, rare tumor targets.

  • Our network laboratories have been selected based on quality, expertise and capabilities, commercial market share, and location.

  • They have a reputation for expertise, quality, and service that spans more than two decades. Last year, our network laboratories diagnosed greater than 1.3 million patients.

  • All are strategically located throughout the globe

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